I offer a full range of design and production services for publishers and writers. All of my rates are dependent upon timeline and complexity. Please reach out for a quote; I would love to hear about your project!


Editorial Design and Typesetting

Working with text is my passion. After years on the frontlines of the production process at an independent publisher, I know firsthand the value of a designer and typesetter with an editorial eye, who is aware of style rules and has a meticulous eye for consistency—especially under deadline.


  • Custom template design

  • Basic typesetting

  • Complex typesetting

  • Tables and graphics creation

  • Entering and checking corrections

Psst! Do you also need an editor? I recommend my colleague and frequent collaborator Jessica Easto.

Cover Design

I buy books based on their covers. Of course, as a cover designer I am slightly biased, but I am far from being alone. In my years as an in-house designer, I honed my practice on tight budgets to create covers that hold their own on any shelf. Having had a hand in all parts of the cover design process—from initial drafts to full jackets to negotiating production specifications and effects—I understand how all of the pieces must come together in the final product, and take a holistic approach to my work.


  • Cover design

  • Full jacket design

Graphics and Collateral

There is far more to publishing than creating the book itself, and many of those aspects require visuals. From flyers to postcards to social media graphics, I can create a suite of promotional materials that will help you bring your project to the world. I typically offer these services as add-ons to a cover design, but am also happy to quote them on an ad-hoc basis.


  • Flyers and sell sheets

  • Postcards

  • Posters

  • Social media graphics

  • Website graphics


Along with infographics and tables, I can also create custom illustrations for your project. I work primarily in pen and ink on simple line illustrations.


Editorial design is my forte, but over the years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some wonderful clients to create or refresh their brands.